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Are you ready to Discover Your PURPOSE
Ignite Your PASSION and
Reclaim Your Authentic POWER
So that you can create positive change in the world
and TRUE Abundance in your life?

Here are just a few of the Awakening Man Secrets revealed in this FREE training:

  • Sam Keen, bestselling author of Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man,  will share the 2 questions that all men must ask themselves and why you must answer them in the RIGHT ORDER.
  • Arjuna Ardagh, co-creator of the Conscious Men Manifesto, will share what it means to be a conscious man and how honoring the divine feminine leads to a blossoming of our own lives.
  • Andrew Harvey, bestselling author of The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism, will guide you into the world of Sacred Activism a realm that satisfies our deep desire as men to actively and passionately express our purpose in the world.
  • Brad Yates, internationally known Master EFT and Law of Attraction teacher, will take you through some powerful, practical EFT tapping sequences to clear the beliefs and stuck energy that keep you from fully stepping into the new model of manhood.
  • Dr. Joe Rubino, expert on self esteem, will share the Secrets he’s discovered for living a non-reactive, upset-free life and practical tools for developing self-esteem.
  • Brent Phillips, Master Theta Healer, will offer powerful Theta Healing “downloads” to reprogram your beliefs about what it means to be a man, opening the door to new ways of embracing your Authentic Power.
  • Jeff Brown, author of SoulShaping, will share tools for peeling away the warrior armor and creating space inside for the emergence of new ways of being that can help you open to your higher guidance and lead you to fulfillment, success and abundance.
  • John Welwood, author of Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships will explore the psychic/emotional numbness that affects so many men and offer insights and tools for bringing feeling back and the intuitive power that comes with that.
  • Rich German, author of Living the Law of Attraction and Monetize Your Passion, will share powerful tools for shifting from a “workstyle” – the old model – to a “lifestyle” – the new model and how Awakened Men are able to connect with their purpose and Monetize their Passion!
  • Marc Allen, author of The Millionaire Course and The Greatest Secret of All will share how waking up – at the age of 30 – claiming his purpose and offering it with passion to the world opened the door to massive financial success and the positive transformation of millions of people.
  • Harrison Klein, creator of The Masters Gathering, will share the powerful concept of I AM and how to use it to reclaim your authentic power as a man.
  • Chris Cade, creator of Inscribe Your Life, will share how to connect – Authentically – with your heart… allowing both the good and the bad in order to open more fully to the flow of abundance.
  • Paul Zelizer, Master Coach, will share how you can use wisdom tools to find your way through these changing times and increase your success – like some of today’s leading companies such as Google, Facebook and Zappos.
  • Bill Plotkin, author of SoulCraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche, will share the vast difference between the immature masculine (the way most men are living) and the mature masculine and specific steps you can take to step into the mature masculine.
  • Scott Brandon Hoffman will share why it’s time for men to stop posing, pretending, and avoiding the inner call to step up fully into our OWN authentic voice, self expression, truth, and purpose NOW, and why it’s absolutely CRUCIAL to your happiness, relationships, success, and the world.

Begins on Tuesday, May 24th!

The Awakening Man Summit begins on Tuesday, May 24th and runs through Thursday, June 30th.

There will be three live faculty sessions each week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5:00pm Pacific Time.

And you’ll have FREE access to every one of these powerful live sessions.

Every one of these sessions will be filled with profound insights and powerful tools to help YOU claim your full potential as an Awakened Man.

So you definitely do NOT want to miss any of these sessions!

FREE Instant Access to Over $200 in Resources!

In addition to the live summit sessions, when you register for The Awakened Man Summit you’ll have immediate access to a wealth of abundance resources worth over $200!

Here are the valuable Mp3 recorded bonuses you’ll receive just for signing up!

  • Bob Doyle: Purpose, Passion and Profits: Discover your purpose and the path of passion that leads to profits.
  • Joe Vitale: The power of Gratitude in the art of attraction.
  • Robert Scheinfeld: Busting Loose From The Money Game 90 Minute Lecture.
  • Guy Finley: Abundant Mystic Interview.

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